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Let's Get Start to Know about IIoT

The IIoT, stands for Industrial Internet of Things, is on the crest of the wave of automation business. Although it is also connected to the IoT, it is specifically aimed at the industry that needs to equip the machines with intelligence, which through the Big Data generates a process of continuous improvement without human intervention.

Changes things is that nowadays we have the technology that makes it massive and easy to implement. Based on what many expose in blogs and networks, IoT and IIoT seems to be simply a new way of moving data from the process to a new store: The Cloud. 

Wecon V-NET System and V-BOX

Wecon V-NET System and V-BOX are designed to provide the user with a safe and reliable "industrial IoT" system, which ends independent operation of each device.

We have used the latest technologies of Clouds, IoT and Internet. The advanced concept and technology of Industria4.0 facilitate the small and medium-scale industry, reducing the flow of information and the cost of administration, as well as increase productivity and helping to improve after-sales services.

Wecon V-Box Main Features: 

1. Most brands of PLCs and controllers are supported;

2. To obtain data through Serial communication (RS232/RS485/Ethernet) from controllers;

3. It connects to Cloud platform through 2G/4G/Ethernet;

4. OPC access, HTTP developer interface;

5. Cloud SCADA function to realize communication between V-BOX and V-BOX;

6. Historical data and alarm data that stored in the cloud can be exported as needed; 


Do you want to effectively introduce the IIoT world within your company?

Acquire all the training and advices that WECON Technology at your disposal along with state-of-the-art technology and the support of almost 15 years of successful experience automating all types of industrial processes.

Tell us your requirement and we will conceive an implementation plan that will take your industry or company to the state of the art of Industry 4.0 on the right path, without losing sight of your main objective, to manufacture and sell your products or services with the quality that you deserve.

This article is modified from Intrave Company, as Wecon representative for America offering complete solutions based on Wecon Products. Thanks. 

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