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WECON 8000B Series Variable Frequency Drive(VFD)

1. Precise Motor algorithm to calculating speed, current control performance, over current suppression  and decrease to trip times to realize stable running.

    2. Redundancy design in hardware; switch power supply load capacity 24V up to 200mA; 10V up to 30mA;  adopts duel channel power supply(between power supply board and control board)  to  ensure stability of control power. 

   3.  Accessory power (main component module, rectifier bridge, capacitance are more than 2.5  times) and temperature resistance(-40-85℃) grade can ensure stable running.

Power range:single phase input and three-phase output(220V):0.75-2.2kW; Three-phase input and three-phase output(380V):0.75-400kW

Flexible & practical VFD

• Rich and practical terminal function and virtual terminals

• Integrated PID regulator and industry application functions

• RS-485 communication, standard Modbus protocol

High performance VFD

• Up to 27 fault detection and protection, safer.

• High standard hardware configuration, long lifetime.

• ±15% wide voltage input design, strong applicability.

• Automatic protective paint spray, quality assurance.

• More than 500,000 application verification, high reliability.

Stable & reliable VFD

• Sensor-less vector control and V/F control,strong applicability.

• 0.5Hz low frequency high torque output.

reaches 150%, adapts to heavy load startup.

• 150% overload for 1 minute, high reliability.

• Accurate motor parameter identification, convenient debugging.

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