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WECON PLC SERIES(Programmable Logic Controller)

Programmable Logic Controller

PLC Introduction

  • Universal Power Supply Design —85~264V AC @ 50/60 HZ, wide range power supply

  • All core components used are from well-known global brands

  • The ‘Three layer coating’ ensures the reliability in harsh environment.

  • Flash memory data storage, saves data for at least one century even in the case failure of the battery.

  • 200 KHz high speed optical isolated designed Inputs/outputs.

  • Com port – 600 TVS, static surge protection

  • RS485 communication port ensures the reliability of communication in vibration.

  • Most reliable and Stable High speed USB Port for program download/monitor.

High speed pulse input

  • External high speed pulse input supports Encoder (AB phase) input, pulse + direction mode input; Maximum support for 200 KHz pulse signal input.

  • AB phase signal can support configurable frequency settings (i.e. x1, x2 or x4)

High speed pulse outputs

  • Support high speed pulse signal outputs with acceleration and deceleration. 

  • The acceleration and deceleration time are configurable.

  • Pulse modulation output

Program Encryption

Protect the copyright, it prevents users from illegal copying and tampering of the program.

  • Subprogram Encryption

Partial encryption function of the ladder diagram can be realized, and it can encrypt subprograms and interrupts. This function enables protection of important subprogram segment. By choosing the subprogram and setting the password, it can be encrypted. Once it has been encrypted than the subprogram is in “subprogram encryption” state and hence the contents for the same will not be displayed.

  • Ladder Encryption Methods

The PLC encryption includes project encryption, PLC program upload password and PLC program download password. All of these passwords can be used for the entire ladder program.

All these 3 kinds of passwords are independent from each other (user need to set password separately during each of these operations), the password can be same or different to ensure security of the PLC.


The differences among 4 sub series

wecon PLC Editor (FREE download software, easy to study and programming)


WECON products are widely used in machinery and equipment, metallurgy, chemical, oil and other industries.

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